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    Annual expenditure limitations and lobbyist bundling disclosure threshold published

    On February 6, the Federal Election Commission (FEC) published its annual Price Index Adjustments for Expenditure Limitations and Lobbyist Bundling Disclosure Threshold in the Federal Register. According to provisions in the Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971, the commission is mandated to adjust the threshold annually to account for inflation.

    For 2014, the lobbyist bundling disclosure threshold has increased to $17,300, while the coordinated party expenditure limit for the general election for House races is $47,200. The latter limit is $94,500 in those states with only one congressional district. The coordinated party expenditure limits for the general election for Senate races vary by state. In Ohio, the expenditure limit is $843,000. A chart featuring a table of those limits is available on the FEC website.

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