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    Demand Response reaches all-time high in PJM

    Although September typically brings lower temperatures and lower demand for electricity, temperatures during the week of September 9, 2013, created two of the highest electricity use days of the year within the PJM Interconnection. To maintain grid stability, PJM called upon a record amount of demand response.

    Demand response refers to consumers’ voluntary reductions in power use. Effective demand response can help reduce electric price volatility, mitigate generation market power and enhance reliability. Within the PJM, demand response opportunities may enable electricity consumers to earn a revenue stream for the demand reductions they make.

    The unusual heat on September 10 and 11, combined with planned equipment outages, created emergency electricity conditions in Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania. To respond to these conditions, PJM called upon approximately 5,949 megawatts of demand response resources — an amount comparable to five nuclear generators.

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