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    First OPSB-approved battery energy storage system

    First OPSB-approved battery energy storage system

    On October 20, 2022, the Ohio Power Siting Board (OPSB) issued a certificate of environmental compatibility and public need for the construction, operation, and maintenance of Flint Grid Energy Storage System ("Flint Grid"). Flint Grid is Ohio's first stand-alone battery energy storage system (BESS) facility to be reviewed and approved by OPSB.  Prior to Flint Grid, OPSB had only examined BESS when paired with a solar-powered electric generation facility.   

    Flint Grid, LLC will construct the proposed 200 megawatt (MW) BESS and a new electric substation in Licking County on approximately 15 acres. Flint Grid will use roughly 360 rechargeable battery containers to store excess electrical energy during times of oversupply and dispatch the electricity during times of peak demand onto the Ohio bulk power transmission system.

    Located minutes away from New Albany's data center hub and Intel's new semiconductor chip manufacturing site, Flint Grid will serve as a valuable addition to the electricity system and provide flexibility and reliability while avoiding environmental impacts such as emissions and waste products.

    The project is expected to create approximately 450 on-site jobs during construction. Once Flint Grid is operational, it is expected to create 3.5 long-term jobs for the State of Ohio.

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