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    What went wrong? Initiative promoter being investigated for misuse of campaign funds

    Tim Eyman is currently under investigation by the Washington Public Disclosure Commission (PDC) and the Attorney General’s office for allegedly misusing campaign funds, The Seattle Times reports. According to the 224-page investigative report recently issued by the PDC, Eyman is accused of receiving secret payments from Citizen Solutions, a signature-gathering firm, “illegally shuffling donations between two separate 2012 initiatives and using campaign money for personal expenses.” The PDC investigation has found evidence that “Eyman has received hundreds of thousands of dollars in payments from the firm — including a $300,000 wire transfer in 2012.”  

    While the investigation continues, Eyman is campaigning for Initiative 1366, an anti-tax measure that will go before voters on the November 3 ballot. In his first media appearance since the PDC asked the Attorney Generals’ office to investigate, Eyman refused to answer questions regarding the investigation.

    This article was reprinted from the Fall 2015 Compliance Connections Newsletter. Download the complete issue here.

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