Christopher N. Slagle

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    Ohio Ethics Commission annual report highlights top five categories for investigations in 2022

    In its 2022 Annual Report, the Ohio Ethics Commission provides statistics and lists on several of the Commission’s activities for the year including a breakdown of the top five categories for investigations last year.

    The top five investigation categories are:

    • Conflicts of interest, including securing things of value
    • Outside business/employment
    • Nepotism
    • Gifts/prizes/donations
    • Property matters

    The Commission stated it saw several trends through its investigations. These trends include:

    • Acting on matters that benefit an outside business or job
    • Nepotism
    • Regulators inspecting their own family’s businesses
    • Public school district coaches, teachers and board members selling goods or services to the school district

    Both public and private entities should review their internal policies and procedures to ensure these common situations are being handled appropriately.

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