Drew H. Campbell


    Campbell’s history as a musician aids his 30-year litigation career

    In an atypical route to his law career, Drew Campbell’s former role as a professional musician was recently highlighted in Court News Ohio. Campbell is a trained bassist who studied music in Boston before taking a position with a symphony in southern Mexico. He then accepted a role with the Columbus Symphony, where he performed for five years in the 1980s.

    Having studied under an acclaimed Boston Symphony bassist and worked with renowned composer Leonard Bernstein, Drew acquired the ability to navigate challenges through music. He also became disciplined in studying and rehearsing, a skill that would serve him well as both a law student and an attorney. After completing law school at Ohio State, Campbell has built a successful legal practice for more than 30 years. And his musical talents still come into play. “How do I introduce an argument? When do I stop, breathe, and emphasize points?” he says, “[t]here’s a cadence to it that invites listeners in.”