Frank L. Merrill


    “Above the Law” highlights Bricker’s legal technology achievements

    In August, Bricker & Eckler LLP received the International Legal Technology Association’ (ITLA) “Innovative Project of the Year.” Just last month, Bricker was again recognized for its pioneering efforts in the field of legal technology when it earned the top prize at Relativity’s Relativity Innovation Awards.  Following Bricker’s historical win in legal innovation, “Above the Law” called out the firm’s accomplishments in its article, “What Role Will Relativity Play In the Future of Legal Disruption?

    Relativity Fest judge and “Above the Law” writer Zach Abramowitz noted that Bricker’s presentation of their customized utilization of Relativity’s service to solve a client’s need for a streamlined, automatic document collection “knocked [his] socks off.” Other conference attendees regarded the Bricker attorney and litigation support team who led the project as “technology-enabled specialists” who continue to excel in similar projects. Abramowitz went on to say, “You’d have to have a really good reason NOT to use them (Bricker) for a similar project.”