Gregory J. Lestini


    Greg Lestini quoted in Columbus Business First article about drone usage for businesses

    As the business uses for drones increase, so do the legal obstacles faced by companies hoping to integrate this form of technology into their operations. As discussed in a recent Columbus Business First article (subscription required), operating a drone for either commercial or hobby purposes requires knowledge of and compliance with both federal and state regulations, although air rights is a “long-running and contentious debate.” According to Bricker Partner Greg Lestini, an increase in legal disputes over private property rights relating to airspace is expected. Because the Federal Aviation Administration “has the right to regulate everything from the top of the grass and up, [i]t hasn’t been challenged yet, but it’s a cause of consternation for many folks,” Lestini said. “It’s one of the areas where law will be crafted over time on what (bills) are passed and what’s argued in the courts.”