Melissa M. Carleton


    Carleton discusses Title IX updates with the Chronicle of Higher Education

    On April 6, 2021, the U.S. Department of Education announced in a Letter to Students, Educators, and other Stakeholders that it would be undertaking a comprehensive review of all Title IX guidance and regulations. In the meantime, the Department plans to issue a Q&A document to assist with compliance under the 2020 regulations.

    Partner and higher education team member Melissa Carleton told the Chronicle of Higher Education that it would likely take "eighteen months at least" to change the regulations, but that having more guidance in the meantime could help clarify some procedural requirements. According to Carleton, "[t]he civil-rights office's forthcoming Q&A document probably won't prompt major campus overhauls [...] [b]ut it could bring about changes in particular aspects of the Title IX process."