Michael K. Gire


    What does it take to seal the deal? Mike Gire speaks from experience

    Joining some of Columbus’ most influential dealmakers, including Donatos’ Jane Grote Abell, former Mayor Michael Coleman and New Albany developer Jack Kessler, Bricker attorney Mike Gire was recently featured in Columbus CEO’s “Sealing the Deal,” where “Columbus dealmakers tell what it takes to reach agreements that shape the region.” Not unlike the other interviewees, Mike suggests that a cut-throat approach and self-ambition won’t go far in this town. Having been a part of “virtually all” of Ohio’s hospital and health care mergers, he knows that blending cultures and missions takes collaboration and often means putting aside differences and emotions. “I view my role more as a border collie than a pit bull,” he says. “Everyone is trying to accomplish a common purpose. It’s, ‘How do we get there?’”