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Butcher provides insights on ED intervention in Harvard Title IX an...

Higher Ed attorney Erin Butcher was interviewed by The Chronicle for Higher Education in their story about the U.S. Department of Justice’s brief related to Harvard University. Butcher provides some legal background related to the brief filed by the DOJ.

More Sep 8, 2022

Higher Education Title IX Training Requirements: An Overview


Butcher talks about the growing complexities of Higher Ed legal mat...

Attorney Erin Butcher comments in an article written by Higher Ed Dive.

More Aug 1, 2022

Knight gives comment regarding 2U acquisition

Bricker Lawyer Jeff Knight provides comment to The Chronicle regarding 2U acquisition.

More Jul 21, 2022

Court blocks the DOE and EEOC's guidance and enforcement of extensi...

Bricker's Erin Butcher was quoted in an article published by Bloomberg Law where she provided legal background on a number of issues detailed in the Bostock v. Clayton County decision.

More Jul 19, 2022

Sixth circuit decision potentially expands Title IX liability for K-12 school districts


NCAA provides clarification on their policy regarding campus sexual violence by publishing resources


North American universities to share internal findings; hope to cur...

North American universities to share internal findings; hope to curb repeat sexual harassment occurrences

More Oct 29, 2021

Victim Rights Law Center Title IX case appealed; Dear Colleague Letter stands for now