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    Title IX Training

    All recent guidance from the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights emphasizes the importance of training administrators, teachers/faculty, staff, students, investigators and adjudicators on Title IX information and implications. Our experienced attorneys are available to schools, colleges, universities and adult education programs to provide comprehensive Title IX employee training customized to your institution’s policies, procedures and institutional culture. 

    We use real-life scenarios and exercises to help your employees gain experience even before your first case begins. Examples of topics include:

    • Legal and policy requirements
    • Confidentiality versus privacy
    • Determining appropriate charges
    • No-contact orders and other interim measures
    • Rights of the parties and the importance of equity
    • Role of the advisor in the complaint process
    • Conducting interviews
    • Collection and preservation of physical evidence
    • Working with law enforcement and children services
    • Evaluating credibility
    • Effects of trauma
    • Investigative report preparation
    • Evaluating consent or non-consent
    • Intoxication and incapacitation
    • Stalking
    • Intimate Partner Violence
    • Making determinations under a preponderance of the evidence standard
    • Determining appropriate sanctions
    • Athletic culture and Title IX
    • Hazing and sexual misconduct
    • Healthy fraternity/sorority culture

    The format of the training can range from one-hour presentations for employees with reporting duties to two-day intensive workshops for those heavily involved in processing and investigating Title IX complaints. We can tailor presentations to an individual institution or provide more general information to groups to reduce costs. We have also developed training for athletic departments to help meet your institution’s NCAA obligations with relation to sexual violence.

    Please contact Melissa Carleton or Josh Nolan for additional information on how our training programs can be customized to help your educational institution.