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Butcher provides insights on ED intervention in Harvard Title IX and Title IX retaliation case

Higher Ed attorney Erin Butcher was interviewed by The Chronicle for Higher Education in their story about the U.S. Department of Justice’s brief related to Harvard University. Butcher provides some legal background related to the brief filed by the DOJ. More

Hughes receives AWI-CH designation

Workplace investigations attorney, Jim Hughes, recently achieved the Association of Workplace Investigators (AWI) Certificate Holder designation. AWI is a professional membership association for attorneys, human resource professionals, and other professionals who conduct, manage or have a professional interest in workplace investigations. More

Nolan comments regarding case on searches and online exam proctoring

An article recently published by The Chronicle of Higher Education titled, “Students Say Room Scans During Online Tests Are Invasive. Now a Judge Agrees.” discusses the recent ruling that room scans - a key component in online-proctoring services - violate the Constitution. More