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Gordon and Cook highlight important changes to Ohio’s LLC rules

Effective February 11, 2022, changes to the Ohio Revised LLC Act gives limited liability corporations – and their owners – more flexibility. According to Columbus CEO article “A Guide to Ohio’s new Limited Liability Corporation rules,” new provisions to the LLC law could significantly impact existing operating agreements. So, owners should work with an attorney to adjust their agreements, especially regarding fiduciary duties, management structure, voting and distributions. More

Knight discusses if virtual-reality "Metaversities" are a risk to students' data privacy

This fall, hundreds of students across 10 colleges will join a small but growing cohort nationwide that is attending class in another dimension — the digital one. What does that mean, exactly, for their data privacy? More

Flynn discusses ESG and the health care sector

According to a recent Modern Healthcare article, “ESG: Healthcare’s new imperative,” which features Bricker attorney and managing partner Jim Flynn, a health system’s commitment to ESG principles is vital to stakeholders and may offer a competitive advantage. More